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Approved Training Organization (ATO)

ALL4JETS Approved Training Organization (ATO) has been certified by the President of the Polish Civil Aviation Authorities under the Certificate No. PL/ATO-15.

We offer:

  • DHC 8 Q400 theoretical and practical type rating
  • DHC 8 Q400 theoretical and practical type rating instructor TRI(A) course
  • DHC 8 Q400 theoretical and practical synthetic flight instructor SFI (A) course
  • EMB 170/190 theoretical and practical type rating

and also:

  • Initial safety training for candidates applying for cabin crew attestations issued in accordance with Part-CC, pursuant to Decision ULC-LOL-5/0773-0126/07/15
  • First aid training for cabin crew
  • Fire and smoke training for cabin crew
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM) Initial Training
  • Crew Resource Management Instructor (CRMI) Training
  • Crew Resource Management Instructor (CRMI) Refresher
  • Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) initial and recurrent training
  • Air Law and PART-FCL Regulations
  • ICAO Level 4 English Language course for pilots
  • Aviation Phraseology in English

Our training programs are consistent with international aviation regulations (PART-FCL, PART-CC, PART-ORA) and the EASA requirements.

The scope of the courses may be standard or tailored to Customer’s needs.

ALL4JETS co-operates with a large group of well-known and experienced aviation professionals, such as TR/ SF instructors, safety and evacuation procedures instructors, CRM instructors who are also active pilots, flight attendants, engineers, aviation security specialists as well as with other personnel of widely understood aviation specialization.

Classes may be conducted in Polish, English and Russian and are held stationary or as distance learning in a virtual classroom.  

We offer assistance in the process of national pilot’s license conversion to ATPL(A) license in accordance with ICAO standards and PART-FCL regulations. Any questions can be sent on: [email protected] 

ALL4JETS has been registered in the Registry of Training Organizations held by the Voivodship Labor Office in Warsaw under No. 2.14/00048/2016 The training courses placed in the Registry can be financed from public resources. The useful information can be found at: 

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